Our Founding

What first started as a small group of volunteers with a goal to help students pass their AP® exams transformed into something much more — eventually reaching 3,900 enrolled students attending our review sessions and recieving advice and tutoring from our staff team. This sent us a clear message: The end of the AP® season or COVID-19 would not mark the end of us. Over the course of a month, we successfully gained non-profit organization status and continue to advance our mission — to aid high school students with their academic endevors — through our many programs and initiatives.


Alhassan Bangura

Co-Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer

Alhassan Bangura is a senior at Western School of Technology and Environmental Science in Maryland, within the Academy of Health Professions program. With numerous medical certifications and citations from the Governor of Maryland and County Executive of Baltimore County on humanitarianism, Alhassan allows his passion for helping others to guide him in all endeavors.


Brandon Ly

Co-Founder and Vice President of Tutoring

Brandon Ly is a senior at Catholic High School in Virginia, where he is the valedictorian of his class. Having placed top 5 in multiple tournaments within the Virginia Catholic Forensics League, he has developed soft skills in communication and teamwork that allowed him to take on multiple leadership positions. He founded the Asian and Pacific Islander Cultural Society at his school, and he also helped his science bowl team win the Blue Crab Bowl and compete at nationals.






Jonathan Wu

Vice President of Academic Services

Jonathan Wu is a senior at Baton Rouge Magnet High School in Louisiana, with a focus in electrical engineering and finance. Ranking top 20 in the National Economics Challenge, he enjoys utilizing his economic knowledge to manage his own investment portfolio containing over $30,000. His current research at Louisiana State University focuses on computational biology and signal processing. He currently has co-authored two technical papers that were accepted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


Avani Guduri

Board Secretary

Avani Guduri is a senior at Huron High School in Michigan, where she leads a business club and explores scientific endeavors, both of which have won her state and nationally-recognized awards. Curious about the intersection of art and science, she is interested in graphic design and biomedical engineering. She freelances as a graphic designer and on the side, pursues a third passion: writing. She is currently working on a paranormal mystery, a novel she hopes to publish.